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Pricing is limited by time with any number of dogs.

The more time, the more we can do.

Pricing for Mandurah and surrounding regions. Travel fee may apply outside region.

Duration : 3 hours

Allows enough time to assess & address many behaviours inside and outside the home.

From manners in the home, setting rules, boundaries, rewards and benefits in the home. Teaching obedience, using correct commands, how to use the correct training aids, creating instinctive mental energy reducing games, loose leash walking, social skills with or without my dogs, recall & more.

What you get


$450 $45 GST

3 hr Initial ASSESSMENT


 training session

2 hr standard



Duration: 2 hours

Limited by time to address 2 - 4 specific behaviours such as manners in the home to loose leash walking.

What you get


$350 inc GST

Any additional time required add $145

1 hr standard



What you get

Duration: 1 hour

Limited by time to address specific

behaviours such as basic obedience, setting rules and benefits in the home,

manners in the home.

Ideal for 1 on 1 personalised puppy training within the home.


$200 inc GST

Extra hour is $150 

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