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The board and train program is done in-home with my dogs, it is not a kennel. The dog is integrated into my daily routine, lifestyle and with my dogs. They sleep inside, play with my dogs, eat with my dogs and have access inside the home and outside. Although your dog will be in training, your dog will have lots of time to play, socialise in many environments and situations that may reflect your lifestyle

Training is done at home, parks, beaches, public areas depending on the training goals. Clients receive progress and training videos via facebook messenger as part of the package.

Clients are required to supply their dogs regular food, favourite treats, toys, bed. Food can be supplied at an additional cost. 

Additional training equipment may be required at an extra cost. A 2hr - one on one training session is included in the final hand-over. The client must continue training to be successful. 

Added option: The dog can join the social training pack walk at an extra fee.


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