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To bring a higher quality of life and lifestyle to dog owners and their dog.

Teaching/training/showing dog owners how to have a happy well-balanced dog in the home and out in society. 



Kel is qualified and government accredited in Dog Training and Behaviour by the National Dog Training Federation Australia 2015.

Kel has had several years of experience in the dog rescue industry as a volunteer, team leader, kennel manager, head trainer to a public representative. Kel has assessed 1000's of dog behaviours, looked after the health and welfare of 1000s of dogs and trained many volunteers how to manage a dog's welfare to training dogs. 

Kel offers these skills, experience and qualifications to the wider community to provide a positive relationship for dog owners and their dog. Kel actively keeps up with modern training methods/techniques, training tools/equipment, online dog training courses and attends dog training seminars.

He is a no-fuss dog behaviour trainer that will get you results.



Kel is a modern balanced dog behaviour trainer and uses modern-day tools and equipment. The training methods/techniques are customised to be as simple and as effective as possible to suit the dog owner, dog and lifestyle.


The training is designed to fit into the daily lifestyle of the client. This makes it less of a burden and is designed to not overwhelm the client. 

The success comes from the dog owner practising the training, getting better at it and keeping it simple and clear for the benefit of the dog.

Any training equipment/tools\aids required are an additional cost.

By teaching dogs about right and wrong, yes and no and about decision making, dogs gain clarity, build confidence which is supported with the positive guidance from the dog's owner when the right decision is made. 

With commitment and consistency, good behaviour becomes a normal daily - weekly -monthly - lifetime behaviour. 

Qualifications / Accreditations:

  • Certificate III in Dog Behaviour & Training with The National Dog Training Federation - Government Accredited Dog Trainer 2015

  • Certificate of Attendance with Mango Dogs - Ted Efthymiadis, Dog Aggression Rehabilitation training seminar.

  • Certificate of Attendance Steve Austin Dangerous Dog Assessing and Handling Workshop.

  • Kel continues to keep up with dog training and behaviour seminars, courses and online.

  • Authorised Venomous Snake Relocator - with Mandurah Snake Relocators

  • Snake Awareness and Avoidance Trainer - Licensed by Dept of Parks and Wildlife.

  • Authorised Microchip Implanter

  • Kel contiunes to up-skill his training.


Sir "Frank" Franklin
A true gentleman

24/01/2009 - 12/04/2022

Age: 13yrs 2 months 19 days

A true gentleman til the very end. Sadly missed, always remembered.

Frank is the dog training dog. His temperament and attitude has helped many dog's to relax and not to be anxious. He is the Clint Eastwood of the dog world. He's cool, chilled and mysterious.

Having been rescued himself, he understands dog's need positive confident guidance. Frank's loves are food, parks & beach, more food & more food again.



Benny is a young papillion X who's bring joy and mischievousness to the team. Benny's had high aggression issue's in the past and has learnt that having positive guidance is the key to happiness and a higher quality of life.

Benny's loves life and what it has to offer. He is affectionate and loves to learn new things like skateboarding, tricks and nose works - searching for specific objects. Benny loves Frank and hopes one day he will be as big and handsome as Frank.

Secretly, Benny is having an affair with Frank's wife Tesla. (Don't tell Frank although Franks happy to have the time away from  her)

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Jazzy Devil


29/04/2006 -02/10/2023

Age: 17yrs 5 months 3 days

My Jazzy Devil girl now has wings. What she gave is more than I could ask.

Sadly missed forever.


Adopted from a K9 rescue, Jazzy has come out of her shell and taken on the position as dog manager to Frank & Benny.

When on the job, her independence & assertiveness teaches 

dog's about manners & that she may be small but she still deserves respect. Jazzy loves to sleep, eating, chasing the ball & skateboarding.



Tesla brings to the training her classy modern day sassy chix looks that male dogs drool over and females want to be her. She is flirtatious with the boys and has no time for the girls. Telsa teaches 

dog's about social manners, respect and although she may look sweet and innocent, rub her up the wrong way, she'll explode in a flash then return to her sweet innocent demeanour in half a flash.

Adopted from a GAP -Greyhounds for Pets (WA), she wasn't interested in racing but rather play with her siblings. Tesla found her new home sweet home with Frank, her life companion.

P.S (she's loves having secret rendezvous  plays

with Benny.)

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