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western australia


Confidence in your dog making an independent life-saving decision to avoid a snake.

Saving your dogs and a snake's life.

Saving $1000s in vet bills.

1 anti-venom cost $1000


Training Options

Group or 1 on 1 on your property.

Each session may vary in duration.

Group 45 mins - 1 hour per session.

On and around your property:

Session 1 approximate duration = 2 hours.

Session 2 approximate duration = 1 hour.


  • On snake behaviour, habitats, and types in your area.

  • First Aid for Pets.

  • What to do if you see a snake.

  • Who to call in your area.

  • How to minimise snakes to your property

  • Free property assessment by licensed snake relocator.

What you get

inc GST

Training Options

Group Training at a designated location

1 Session

1 x dog $200

2 Sessions

1 x dogs $360

2 x dogs $600

Your Property

1 on 1 - Most Effective Realistic Training

2 Sessions

1 x dogs $660*

2 x dogs $770*

3 or more dogs - contact us

*A travel fee is added if more than a 30 mins drive one way

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