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This service is not a social walk with dogs in a park. This is "Social Training" with members who want to improve their dog's social skills by learning how to do this in a safe controlled training session in society.

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Duration: 1.5 hours

  • Controlled real-life "Social Training" in real situations, in real-time, in the real world.

  • Social training with a dog trainer qualified in dog behaviour 

  • Members (dog & handler) practice and improve social skills.

  • Members are always learning, always training always succeeding in unforeseen situations.

  • Learn social skills in many different locations and environments.

  • Meet like-minded dog owners and their dog.

  • Learn about dog-to-dog interaction.

  • Learn about the traits of a dog or breed.

  • Learn about the many types of dog body language & behaviour.

  • See your dog improve week by week.

  • The joy of seeing your dog be social, have fun, meet dogs, people while learning real-life social skills.

  • Gain the experience to continue social skills independently and safely within your lifestyle.

  • A fun, joyful morning for everyone involved.

What you get


The Trainer is there to teach and train all members in the real world. There are members that need more 1 on 1 time with the trainer than others. The prices are a reflection of this and are structured to be fair for all participants.

It is at the Trainers discretion when a  member has improved their Bronze Member social skills to become a Silver or Gold Member.


The Trainers goal is to get members to the Gold Member level successfully and have the confidence to continue the training into their own independent dog walk.

* Trainer

Initial Entry - Bronze Member 

$150 until social skills are competent to silver member. 

( 1* on 1 social training with the trainer & pack members )

Silver Member $75

( 0.5* on 1 social training with dog trainer & pack members )

Gold Member $40

( competent pack member, always improving, always training )

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