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happy dog + happy owner = happy life

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Kel is extremely passionate. His amazing ability to calmly assess and define characteristics is heartwarming to experience. Being an industry professional, I am grateful to be able to recommend Kel! I absolutely love his approach to training!Just meet his fulfilled little rescue poochies and you can see.

Erin - Pancakes Professional Dog Grooming.


Definitely recommend Kel for anyone needing help with their dogs. Charlie is learning to be really lovely now 💕 



Thanks to Kel, we can take out our dog without 

having the fear he's going to be aggressive towards 

other dogs. We were totally amazed with

the transformation of his behaviour.

Highly recommend Kel's expertise - 5 stars - Kathy



Highly recommend...thanks so much for Saturday....your training of Shrek (and paul😂) was amazing...trip to the dog beach without incident and all survived the trip to Wagin....Thankyou 😀

Joanne Allan

Reply by The Walking Dog Trainer that's great Joanne. He's a lovely boy and Paul was great too 😄. Your car rides should be a joyful experience for all now. No more paracetamol or ear plugs and now you can hear the music without the barking. Enjoy your travels without the shrieking but just your lovely loyal boy shrek 😊


Our Labrador Bella used to take us for  a walk. Kel really helped us out with Bella. By the weeks end, we could take her for a relaxing walk without losing an arm.  We are now in control of her and Bella's obedience has greatly improved. She listens to us and she is a lot less stressed when we are walking. We now love taking Bella for walks and she is much happier when out.  It all made sense once Kel highlighted where we could improve. Now Bella's much happier and so am I. Thanks Kel! 5 stars

Bella's mum - Maureen


Kel is fantastic. Turning our dog Kaiya from one who doesn’t listen, won’t come when called, pulls on lead and can’t be trusted with other dogs to one who has great recall, is calm with other dogs and can walk on lead safely, contently and without pulling. Highly recommend!
Candice Lee May reviewed The Walking Dog Trainer  5 stars

The walking dog trainer has done wonders with my 2 dogs. They used to pull all through their walk to the point it was almost impossible to take them out. Now they walk side by side on a loose lead. I can also take them to the off lead dog beach with no worries that they will come as soon as I call! Thanks Kel for training my boys!!



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tom n pippa.jpg

Tom & Pippa

I can walk these two on a split lead for an hour and a half with no pulling thanks to Kel The walking dog trainer. It wasn’t easy and took a lot of time and patience, but well worth it.


Kel is amazing! We first met Kel at a dog rescue centre where we adopted our beautiful Zoe. She had loads of problems so we decided to start working with Kel. Today we have a completely different animal and have learnt many techniques for the future. Highly recommend his services to anyone experiencing challenges with their furbabies. Thank you for your guidance and patience mate!

Michelle & Cameron


I cannot thank Kel enough. I always thought staffies always pulled until Kel show me otherwise.  My blue staffy Stormie was a big puller and more than not, she would always walked me. Now she is a joy to walk. No more coming home with sore arms and exhausted to the point I stopped walking her. It all made sense after Kel showed me how easy it was and then I practised the technique. It didn't take me long (5 days) and it was much easier than what I was doing before, now I love going for walks with my Storm. - Mary

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