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Social training is not just about dogs meeting dogs. It includes visual, noises, smell, movement including traffic, bikes, skateboards, scooters, people, children, basically whatever is presented in society.

It teaches dog owners about assessing situations and what options are available to make for a positive safe outcome for you and your dog.

With time and commitment, both you and your dog will gain valuable experience and confidence to be able to go to places safely and independently. Importantly, it teaches dog owners how to have 100% control of your dog.

Participants will learn about dog behaviour, reading a dogs body language, learn more about their dog's personality/temperament/behaviour and decision making. Participants will learn who their dog connects with, dogs that need time to be friends with and dogs they need to be aware of and avoid.

This is all played out in real-life situations, in real-time and in the real world.

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STPW structure varies depending on the location and the dogs in the pack. The average routine involves implementing/strengthening leadership skills, loose leash walking, exploring the environment, safe social introductions, fun social activities, rest/focus/treat/drinks breaks, improving social manners, trainer feedback and much more.

During the walks, suitable dogs are let off the leash to socialise, play, explore freely in off-lead areas with the dog owner practising recall and release under high distractions.


With regular attendance, all participants improve their social skills from one week to the next. Participants make friends, learn about the many different types of dog temperaments, body language and dog behaviour.

The type of dog temperaments in the pack vary from timid, friendly, over-excited, shy, anxious, wary to reactive and mix of these temperaments.

All participants are always learning to improve their skills with the guidance of a qualified dog trainer. 



Note: This service is not a regular dog walk at the park with other dogs. It is a paid"Social Training" service for dog owners and their dog who want to learn, train and practise social skills under the guidance and safety of a qualified dog behaviour trainer.  The goal is for each member to build their experience and to confidently go out into the real world with the skills and knowledge gained through safe social practices and knowing how to have 100% control of their dog at all times.

*T&C's apply as below:

  • As safety is the number 1 priority, a duty of care to STPW members, their dog and the general public takes precedence.

  • Before becoming a member all dog owners and their dog are required to undergo a behavioural assessment and a minimum 2-hour training session ($300) before joining. This is to ensure the dog handler and their dog have gained and practised the necessary skills before entering the STPW.

  • If more training is required, that training must be continued until the level of training is satisfactory by the trainer.

  • There is a consideration for dogs owners who's dog are learning social manners (e.g puppy) and/or understand the many different types of temperaments of a dog. Contact us with more details about your dog and why the STPW will be beneficial for your dog.  An assessment will still be required at a reduced rate.

More about Social Training Pack Walks - (STPW)

There will always be challenges in society, you will always be training to get better, to be ready, to make positive decisions, to be prepared for the unknown. - THE WALKING DOG TRAINER

Within each STPW, dogs are matched up with suitable temperaments, drive and energy level. STPW'S are catered for small to large dogs or are a mix of both. There are 3 levels of training within the STPW that reflect the 3 price levels participants pay. There will be dogs that are in the initial entry, dogs who have progressed from the initial training and there will be dogs/owners who have gained experience with new dogs, different environments and situations. 

This keeps the STPW stable and harmonious for all participants and the general public. This service is about "Social Training" in society, in the real world, in a controlled situation. There are always risks in society. Knowing what, when and how to create a positive outcome is the goal....... and having 100% control of your dog at all times. 

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