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Your dog will naturally express their curiosity and inquisitiveness safely around real snakes in different areas on your property or location. This instinctively builds a dogs awareness of a snakes scent, sight, size and movement around your property. 



Your dog will be taught to make a confident independent life-saving decision to avoid snakes by creating distance and/or go to their safe place. Your dog can also alert the owner that a snake is in the area by their behaviour.




• You will learn more about your dog's behaviour and their conscious ability to make the best decision of their life. 

• This will give you confidence and assurance your dog will be waiting for you when you get home. 

• You will gain valuable information about snake behaviour, habitats, why they are coming to your property and what you can do to help not attract snakes to your property. 

• First Aid for dogs - What to do if you suspect your dog is bitten or is bitten by a snake.

• What to do if you come across a snake and who to call. 

(Kel - The Walking Dog Trainer is part of the team at the Mandurah Snake Removal. You never know when you'll need us.) We cover from Rockingham to Pinjarra to North Dandelup and surrounding areas. A travel fee may apply.

• What your dog's behaviour can tell you. Your dog's behaviour can / will alert you if there is a snake in the area by their behaviour. You can then make sure every being is safely away from the area. You can then investigate and/or call a snake removalist. 

A free assessment of your property is included to help minimise the chance of attracting and encountering snakes.






For this training to be effective it is a minimum 2 sessions over 2 - 3 weeks.

Session 1: Implement awareness and avoidance training. This takes approximately 2 hours. More time for more dogs and property size.

Session 2: To confirm the dog has retained the training independently without any outside influences. This training gives you the assurance your dog will make that life-saving decision. This takes approximately 1 hour depending on how many dogs.

When considering this training it is important to have an experienced licensed snake avoidance trainer as well as having experienced dog trainer in dog behaviour and scent work.

Kel - The Walking Dog Trainer is licensed by the Department of Parks & Wildlife to own snakes, relocate venomous snakes and licensed for snake awareness and avoidance training.

Kel combines his experience and skills as a professional dog trainer and snake handler with the goal of having a win-win outcome. Training your dog will save you the emotional burden that can be prevented by this training.

Don't wait until it's too late! Your dog will not have a chance without you committing to this training.


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