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Creating a simple training plan will give you a clear direction on what you need to do to achieve your goals successfully. By prioritising your goal/s, anything can be achieved with your commitment.

Here's an example of a training plan below.

Loose lead



Social Training



Social Training

Pack Walks


Off lead



Awareness &





This covers obedience issues, behavioural problems, lifestyle challenges, complex issues in the home. Here are some examples to consider:

Health and wellbeing, food & treat choices, general obedience, toileting, over-excitement, jumping up, barking, mouthing, digging, chewing, separation anxiety, food guarding, fear, reactivity - aggression, snake awareness & avoidance training, daily manners and any other issues you may be having.

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Are available to offer you the benefit and the convenience to ask questions about your dog. From assimilating your new dog into your home to understanding why is your dog is behaving differently or inappropriately.  It's also great for those who are time-poor or live at a distant location.

This service will help you solve and understand what is required before committing to a consultation/training session without having to pay the full training price.

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Phone Consultation

Duration: up to 45 mins

Price: $50.00



I offer live streaming video call by either FB Messenger, Zoom, Skype.

This service offers the convenience and flexibility to clients who are time poor or live at a distant location anywhere in Australia or around the world. I am able to see your dogs environment and behaviour without any outside distractions eg a trainer, as well as keeping everything as natural as it can be.

We then develop a training plan and implement the training via video for the client to follow.


Duration: up to 90 mins

Price: $150.00



On average, training your dog not to pull on the leash will require 2-3 one on one training sessions with you practising/committing in between. I come to you to assess your dog and offer the best method that is suitable for you and your dog. The more you practice, the better you get, the sooner you will be successful.

Please note there may be an extra cost for training equipment.

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Teaching you and your dog safe social skills. How to safely introduce your dog to other dogs, people, in the home, on walks, in parks, beaches, public areas, etc. I teach you what to look for in a dog's body language, behaviour, and what to do to keep you and your dog safe. I usually bring my dogs.

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This training is about "social training" you and your dog out in the real world with other like-minded pack members. It is where you can practice safe social training skills in society - in real-time - in real-life situations under the supervision and guidance of a qualified dog behaviour trainer.

Social training is not just about dogs, it includes visual, noises, smell, movement including traffic, bikes, skateboards, scooters, people, children, basically whatever is presented in society.

It teaches dog owners about assessing situations and what options are available to make for a positive safe outcome for you and your dog.

With time and commitment, both you and your dog will gain valuable experience and confidence to be able to go to places safely and independently. Importantly, it teaches dog owners how to have 100% control of your dog.

Dog owners will learn about dog behaviour, the body language of dogs, more about their dog's personality/temperament/behaviour and decision making. Clients will learn who their dog connects with, dogs that need time to meet and who they avoid and why.

This is all done in real-life situations, in real-time and in the real world.


STPW structure varies depending on the location and the dogs in the pack. The average routine starts with implementing/strengthening leadership skills, loose leash walking, exploring the environment, safe social introductions, fun social activities, rest/focus/treat/drinks breaks, improving social manners, trainer feedback and much more.

During the walks, suitable dogs are let off the lead to socialise and play freely in off-lead areas, to explore the environment as well as practising recall and release under high distractions.


With regular attendance, dogs and owners improve their social skills from one week to the next. Dogs and owners make friends and learn about the different types of temperaments and dog behaviour. The type of dog temperaments in the pack vary from friendly, over-excited, shy, anxious, wary to reactive.

All participants are always learning to improve their skills with the guidance of a qualified dog trainer. 



Note: This service is not a regular dog walk with other dogs. It is paid"Social Training" for dog owners and their dog to learn, train and continue to practice social skills under the guidance and supervision of a qualified dog behaviour trainer.  The goal is for each member to build their experience and to confidently go out into the real world with the skills and knowledge gained for safe social practices, as well as having 100% control of their dog at all times.

 *Terms & conditions apply


Recall training is one of the most important skills your dog needs to learn. By having 100% recall, you have 100% control of your dog.  Dog owners will gain the confidence they can avoid any potentially bad situations and/or prevent a life-ending situation. From coming away from unsocial or fearful dogs, children, people or to not run across a busy road are some examples.

Having 100% recall, in general, is a very rewarding experience and should be a big part of your routine.

The Dog Act expects owners to have a high level of responsibility to ensure their dogs are under effective control by an adult (over 16 years) when in a public place. Rangers may take legal action against owners who ignore their responsibilities

Your dog needs to be under your control at all times and not being a nuisance to other dogs or people.

For 100% recall contact us for a consult/session.

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If your dog is fearful, anxious, reactive, aggressive or a combination of all these behaviours, this training is for you. If your dog is pulling - lunging, whining, wanting to escape or cowering in the home or out on your walks then this training critical for the well-being of everyone. This training encompasses focus, leadership, guidance, loose lead training and what to do when faced with whatever triggers your dog. By committing to this training you and your dog will have a much better life and lifestyle. Don't wait until you leave it too late. Take action now to keep you, your dog and the general public safe. 

Kel - The Walking Dog Trainer specialises in this type of behaviour training.


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Go to the Before and After page to see Kel's past results.

For more recent video's go to the Facebook page.


A handy service if you don't have the time to walk or train your dog. It about training the dog for clients to enjoy the benefits of the good behaviour. This can be from in-home training, loose lead to social skills in the general public. A 1hr one on one training session with the client is required per week to keep the training successful. Includes video of the progress and training you need to follow.

Duration: 1 hr

Price: $150.00

Minimum 3 Walk & Trains per week

1hr One on One client training session per week $150.


( also "LEAVE IT !" training )

This training is about teaching your dog to be aware, avoid, go to a safe area and/or distance themselves away from hazards, distractions, potential or life-ending attractions and situations.

Snake Awareness & Avoidance Training

Kel - The Walking Dog Trainer is licensed by the Department of Parks & Wildlife to own snakes, relocate venomous snakes and licensed to do snake awareness and avoidance training.

Kel combines his skills as a professional dog trainer and snake handler for many clients across the state of WA. Kel's goal is to gain a win-win outcome. Saving dogs and wildlife.

This training is highly effective and the most realistic training that results in the assurance that dogs will make a life-saving decision when they are alone. This success comes from individual training methods that is tailored and suitable for each dog.

We can train your dog where they are most often alone - your property. This is ideal if your dog/s are left alone on a property most of the time, e.g rural or large properties or properties where snake are active. We also do group sessions at specific locations around Western Australia.

The snake awareness and avoidance training is 2 sessions over 2 - 3 weeks. Real snakes - non-venomous are used for the training.

A free assessment of your property is also included to help reduce snake to your property and information about snake behaviour, habitats. Clients will learn about their dog's behaviour and the independent decision they make to avoid snakes.

Price does depend on the travel location and how many dogs.

Contact Kel with these details for a price.

more info on snake awareness and avoidance training

Awareness & Avoidance or "leave it" training can be applied to:

  • Wild-life -  bobtails, kangaroos, birds, etc.

  • Livestock - sheep, cattle, horses, pony's, chickens, etc.

  • Beaches - blow-fish/puffer-fish, sea hares, bait, etc.

  • Parks/ovals - leftover food scraps, bones, food, etc.​

  • Domesticated pets - cats, chickens, ducks, aviaries, etc.

  • Basically, anything you want your dog to be aware of and avoid.

Dogs will not understand the consequence without being trained.

Don't leave to faith.

This training will save you the emotional turmoil and financial cost of losing your loved family dog. 

Contact Kel for more info & prices

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As a professional balance trainer, Kel specialises in remote e-collar training. An e-collar allows you to send either a tone, vibration, or a stimulating sensation to a dog/s with a wireless remote and a wireless receiver.

This training is done in conjunction with positive training. This training is not used as punishment or any type of mental/physical abuse.

Dogs learn about decisions making and how to confidently achieve a positive outcome that benefits them.

When a correct decision is made, a dog gains confidence by knowing how to avoid a minimal consequence and how to receive a positive reward. The success of this training is the dog owner rarely uses the e-collar or is used to a minimum. 

This training is about teaching dog owners how to use the e-collar correctly and safely for your loved dog. Without proper training by an experienced professional trainer, a dog will be mentally damaged, develop fear, helplessness, escapism - run away, become aggressive that can be irreversible.

This is caused by uneducated people who do not know how to use an e-collar. This is abuse, if you see someone abusing their dog, please report that person to your local ranger or RSPCA immediately.

If your thinking about using an e-collar, get a professional to show you how to use it safely, effectively, positively and to the minimal.
I only use and sell quality e-collars and nothing else. I supply the e-collar and training.

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Contact Kel if you are interested

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Board & train is an option for those who do not have the time to commit to their dog's training and/or want to put their dog’s training in the express lane. It can be tailor to the needs from all of the above services. It is beneficial for helping owners with behaviour foundations or completing / refining behaviour training. The training is passed on to the dog owner/s to continue.

The board and training program requires a 10 days minimum stay for the training to be effective. This can vary depending on the dog's behaviour and training required. A pre-assessment is required.

The board and train is done in-home with my dogs, it is not a kennel. The dog is integrated into my daily routine with my dogs. They sleep inside, play with my dogs, eat with my dogs, have access to the back yard.

Training is done at home, parks, beaches, public areas. If the dog is suitable, the dog can join the social training pack walk at an extra fee. Clients will receive progress and training videos via facebook messenger as part of the package.

Prices start at $145 per day with clients supplying the dogs regular food, food bowl, favourite treats, toys, bed. Food can be supplied at an additional cost.

Additional training equipment may be required at an extra cost. An additional 1.5hr - one on one training session ($250) will be required for the hand-over. This is important to teach clients how to continue training their dog to be successful in the long term. 

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Kel is an authorised microchip implanter that offers mobile microchipping services for the metropolitan and regional areas of Western Australia for cats, rats, rabbits and dogs.

It is a convenient onsite service to pet owners, breeders, rescues etc. This saves time, money and provides the assurance pets will be registered with an Australia wide pet registry.

Contact me for a quote along with your location and how many pets to be implanted.

You can also come to me.


Prices range from $25.00 ( 5 animals ) to $70.00. A travel fee may be added.


If there is any specific training you are looking for, please contact Kel

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Walk n Train
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