Planning your training goal

Creating a simple training plan will give you a clear direction on what you need to do to achieve your training goals successfully. By prioritising your goal/s, anything can be achieved with your commitment.

Here's an example of a training plan below.

Loose lead


Social Skills

Social Pack Walks

Off lead


Awareness &


Below are the services I can offer to you and your dog. Any other queries or questions, contact me on my contact page.



This in-home consultation covers obedience issues, behavioural problems, lifestyle challenges, complex skills in the home. Here are some examples to consider:

General obedience, toileting, over excitement, jumping up, barking, mouthing, digging, chewing, separation anxiety, food guarding, fear, reactivity or aggression, awareness & avoidance training and any other issues you may be having.

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Phone consultations are available to offer you the benefit from my experience, knowledge and qualifications. It is very convenient if you just like to ask questions about your dog, are time poor or live at a distant location. This service will help you solve and understand what is required before committing to a consultation/training session without having to pay the full-service fee. 

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Phone Consultation

Duration: 1 hour

Price: $ 50.00




On average, training your dog not to pull on the leash will require 2-3 one on one sessoins with you practicing/committing in between. I come to you to assess your dog and offer the best method that is suitable for you and your dog. The more you practice, the better you get, the sooner you will be successful.

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Teaching your dog social skills & etiquette is about how to meet and behave with other dogs, people, in the home, on walks, in parks, beaches, public areas, etc. I teach you what to look for in a dog's body language, behaviour and what you need to do to keep your dog safe. I bring my dogs to help your dog.

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This service is about social training you and your dog in society. You will be with like-minded members with the goal of wanting a better quality of life to your lifestyle and help build you and your dog's confidence in society. It's getting you and your dog out into society to learn, train, practice and manage your dog in real-life situations with Kel, a qualified trainer to help guide you in real-time.

STPW involves safe socialising introductions between all types of dogs and temperaments in the pack, exposing your dog to many social environments, situations, noises, smells, movement, people, dogs and whatever is presented in a variety of locations.  You will be taught about dog behaviour, body language in your dog, other dogs and how to achieve positive outcomes. There are lots you can to learn.

The STPW are held in many different environments with a variety of stimulants and surroundings. These can be at parks, beaches, estuaries, boardwalks, foreshores, markets, cafes, etc. Places where you would like to take your dog and have 100% control of your dog.

During the walks, suitable dogs are let off the lead to socialise freely in off lead areas to burn off energy, explore the environment, to be free to be a dog, etc, as well as you practicing recall and release.

Held on weekend mornings, your dog will make new dog friends and you will be with like-minded participants. The best thing is your dog will have lots of fun and so will you!

Before joining, all dogs must do a behavioural assessment and 1.5-hour training session ($250). This is to ensure you and your dog have prepared for the real-world challenges that will be presented. The goal is for Kel to help you achieve your goal and to have the confidence when out in society and whatever is presented to you.

There are Social Training Pack Walks catered for small dogs, medium to big dogs and a mix of dogs. 

Contact Kel if you like to partake in the Social Training Pack Walks.

Duration: approx 1 - 1.5 hours 

Price from: * $50.00 - $150

Fully insured and supervised by an experienced & accredited behaviour trainer.

 *Terms & conditions apply


Recall training is one of the most important skills your dog needs to learn, as it can prevent a life-ending situation. Train your dog is going to come back when called and in your control will avoid any serious consequence. From avoiding a fine for not having effective control of your dog, to coming away from unsocial or fearful dogs, children, people or to not run across a busy road are some examples.

For 100% recall contact us for a consult/session.

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If your dog barks, is pulling or lunging on the leash when out walking, this training is for you. Whatever the behaviour this training encompasses focus, loose lead training, leadership, guidance and what to do when faced with whatever triggers your dog.

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Go to the Before and After page to see Kel's past results.




This training is about teaching your dog to be aware, avoid and distance themselves away from hazards, distractions, potential or life-ending attractions and situations. Usually, 2 -3 sessions are required depending on the type of training required.

This training can be anything from

  • Wild-life - snakes, bobtails, kangaroos, birds, etc.

  • Livestock - sheep, cattle, horse's, pony's, chickens, etc.

  • Sea-life - blow-fish/puffer-fish, sea hares, bait, etc.

  • Parks/ovals - leftover food scraps, bones, baited food, etc.​

  • Domesticated pets - cats, chickens, ducks, aviaries, etc.

  • Basically, anything you want your dog to be aware of and avoid.

Without giving your dog the opportunity to learn and understand what is ok and is what not ok, the end result will save you the emotional turmoil and financial cost. 

Contact me for prices and what you would like your dog to be aware and avoid.

Awareness and Avoidance Consultation / Training session

Duration: 1 hour

Sessions: 2-3

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Board & train is an option for those who do not have the time to commit to their dog's training and want to put their dog’s training in the express lane. It can be tailor to your needs from all of the above services. It is beneficial with helping owners with the training foundations where I pass on these skills for you to continue.

The board and training program requires a 10 days minimum stay for the training to be effective. 

Prices start at $100 per day including meals, treats., bedding and baths.

Contact for more info on my contact page.



As an authorised microchip implanter, I offer a mobile microchipping service for the metropolitan and regional areas of Western Australia for cats, rats, rabbits and dogs.

I provide a convenient onsite service to pet owners, breeders, rescues to save time, money and provide the assurance their pet will be registered with an Australia wide pet registry.

Contact me for a quote along with your location and how many pets to be implanted. You can also come to me. Prices range from $25.00 - $70.00


If there is any specific training you are looking for, please contact Kel



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