Having a professional trainer come into your home is a great opportunity to address several issues in one session. I arrive at your home, we talk it through, come up with solutions to give you and your dog a better quality home life. With my professional guidance and your commitment, these issues can be solved or managed in no time.



To book a phone consultation, go to my contact page. Send a message that you would like a phone consultation, provide your details, a brief summary of your dog’s history, details of their current problems/home setup/routine and a suitable time/day for you. Kel will respond asap. 

It's important to know that these appointments need to be paid for upfront before commencing.

Please note: It is not possible to provide an accurate assessment of your dog’s behaviour without a private one on one physical consultation, either in your home or a location that's convenient. 

 Phone Consultation

Duration: 45 mins  Price: $ 40.00

Your dog will never learn unless they are trained.

Give them the opportunity to learn and commit to their training


If you are having an unpleasant and unsafe time every time you walk your dog. I explain using the correct collar/leash, leash techniques and put you on the right path for your goal will be achieved. To be successful will take patience, routine and practise. 

By committing to this you and your dog will begin to enjoy a pleasant, satisfying walk in no time.

If you have a lead reactive dog, this may require more training as there are other issues that will need to be addressed.


It so important to socialise your dog with other dogs, ppl, environments and situations. By avoiding this learning, can make the behaviour worse. Training your dog how to meet a dog, ppl nicely is the only way a dog is to learn. 

The sooner you start safe socialising training, the sooner you can have a better quality of life and a much more confident well behaved social dog.


This training involves me bringing along a suitable dog/s for the one on one social training.

I will show and explain to you how to introduce your dog safely. I'll talk about body language, what to look for in your dog, in my dog/s, in other dog's and what body language can tell you.


*Terms/conditions do apply as below:

  • It is my duty of care to the participants, their dogs and the general public that all dogs wanting to join the STPW are to have a free behavioural assessment before joining the walk - contact Kel

  • Please have a suitable collar and lead - Kel has collars and leads if required.

  • There will be times when your dog may need to wear a hi-vis vest stating either "Training" or "Social Training Pack Walk" on them or a bandana - supplied by Kel.

More about Social Training Pack Walks - STPW

These walks are about real-life, real-time social skills with other dog lovers and supervised by a qualified trainer in behaviour. You and your dog will gain experience, confidence and skills to build a higher quality of life together. 

Its purpose is to enrich your lifestyle and your dog’s life by going to places where you like your dog to join you and for you practise how to manage and make the correct decision for your dog. 


Within each pack walk, dogs are matched up with suitable temperaments, drive and energy level. Packs are catered for small to large dogs or are a mix of both. There will be dogs that are in social training with Kel and there will be dogs/owners gaining more experience in different environments and situations. 


The walk usually begins by Kel and you safely introducing your dog to the other participant's dogs. Kel will talk about what to look for when introducing your dog to others and offer free training tips on lead handling techniques, leadership skills, obedience, walking tips and much more during the walk. 

On some of the walks and in off-lead areas, suitable dogs may be let off lead for safe social play. Here Kel will talk about off-lead social skills, dog behaviour, body language, keeping your dog in control, how to manage and avoid potentially bad situations and outcomes. 

So if you have a dog that may need confidence-building or better social skills, then the Social Training Pack Walks is ideal for you. You and your dog will have so much fun while learning about dog behaviour and meet like-minded people and make new friends, both human and dogs.

This service is mostly conducted on weekend mornings and go for about 1 to 1.5hrs 

If you're interested in joining, contact Kel for a free assessment.

Duration: approx 1 - 1.5 hours

Location: Mandurah and surrounding areas

Pack social walker - from *$30.00 

In social training, the price will depend on the level of training required.


There are many methods to recall training but the real test is when your dog is under high distraction/attraction like other dogs, cats, cars, trucks, kids, other people, etc.

Whatever it is, you want 100% recall.
It will require a minimum of 3 -  4 sessions in low distraction environments where you practise before moving onto a high distractions/attractions and stimulating environments. 

The Dog Act expects owners to have a high level of responsibility to ensure their dogs are under effective control by an adult (over 16 years) when in a public place. Rangers may take legal action against owners who ignore their responsibilities

Your dog needs to be under your control at all times and not being a nuisance to other dogs or people.

For 100% recall contact us for a consult/session.


Dogs can react that way out of fear, frustration or excitement or a combination of factors. Whatever it is, the dog is upset, are over their mental threshold, and/or distressed and in an over-aroused state.

It's a fight-or-flight mode, they are not in the right state of mind to listen to their owner and do not know how to behave in that situation. This behaviour can be triggered by many things such as animals, people, dogs, motion, noises, objects or a combination of factors.

Reactive and Aggressive behaviour:

Reactive dogs and aggressive dogs can exhibit similar body language. It is the intent that is the difference. Reactive dogs can escalate into being aggressive, but may not inherently aggressive.

Some signs of this behaviour is a dog becoming very still, showing the white of his eyes, growling, snapping or showing teeth, basically, the dog is showing warning signs or intention to do something bad. 

Other earlier, milder warning signs include licking lips, yawning, scratching, tense body and face, forward ears, and a tense, closed mouth. 

If you are wanting a better quality of life for your dog, make the commitment to help your dog succeed by contacting Kel.

Go to the See the Results page to see some of Kel's proven results.



Every responsible dog owner needs to teach their dog about the good and the bad.

It is instinctive for dogs to be curious towards something stimulating either food-related or chasing after something eg cars, bikes, kangaroos, livestock. Dog learn if it stimulating or not stimulating. A dog will only learn by interacting and then remember if it had a positive or negative experience.


This training is about giving your dog the best opportunity to make the right decision and not their last decision in life.


Here are some examples and facts.

Bobtails & Venomous snakes.  

If your dog reacts playfully towards a blue tongue lizard, then it's likely they are going love to play with a snake. With a bobtail, your dog most likely wins all the time, the consequence is being nipped by the bob-tail. Some dog may avoid that consequence, some dogs will get overly excited by it. 

A game with a venomous snake is a game of life and death. Its much more fun chasing this creature that quickly slithers away then turns to challenge the dog by hissing and lunging at the dog. It becomes a game of "tag" or who can bite who first. A lucky dog may win the game once, twice or more, but it only takes one time for the dog to lose.

You and I understand what the consequence of being bitten by a venomous snake is, a dog doesn't until it's too late.

Note: Kel is snake owner, he has experience in snake handling, behaviour and is a relocator of venomous snakes with Mandurah Snake Removals team (like and follow).

If you come across a snake at home, call the MSR team on facebook or Kel and we'll attend to the situation asap. If your dog or pet gets bitten by a snake.


Snake anti-venom is expensive from vet clinics to buy and a single treatment can cost from $400 dollars upwards. Every time a vial is used, it's another $$$  plus the expense your dog may need to be at the vets in order to save their life. If your dog does not make it through, you still have to pay the expenses. This training far outways the cost and trauma involved in a snake bite tragedy.

Livestock / Wildlife

Sheep, horses, cattle, goats, kangaroos, rabbits, bandicoots, birds etc. This training can prevent any incidents happening by teaching boundaries and distance, saving lives of livestock, wildlife and dogs.

Dogs can often escape from yards and roam their neighbourhood. From rural areas with livestock to suburbia backyards with domesticated pets, there are plenty of attractions that can stimulate a dogs instinct and prey drive.

Fact: Did you know that livestock owners can and are permitted to destroy or capture any dogs they observe attacking livestock on their land. 

A dog will not know what is out of bounds unless they are taught and trained.

Just like an experienced working dog teaches a young working dog how to behave around livestock.


Blow-fish / Dead animals / Food scraps / Poison bait / 1080 Bait etc

There are far too many dogs lost to poisoned bait which could have been prevented with avoidance training.  Most baits like 1080 do not emit any odor, except the meat that it is put in does. So how is a dog to know what is poisoned and what is not?  So we train to avoid and leave any food found on the ground.

Eating a poison bait can a slow painful death in which animals goes through a number of agonising phrases before dying. Dog's can eat poisons directly, by dead animals, or by birds dropping baited food

in areas where dogs are, eg parks, backyards, bushland, etc.

This can also be applied to puffer-fish, sea-hares,  dead fish, etc commonly found washed up on beaches. Around the home, there are poisons like plants, fertilizers, mouse/rat poison, cockroach bait and many other forms of poisonous hazards.

The best option is training your dog to be aware, avoid and leave any potential life-ending attractions.

 Otherwise how else will they know?

If you suspect your dog has eaten any poison, get them straight to the closest vet, call them your coming with an estimated time and any info you have. 

Awareness and Avoidance Consultation / Training session

Duration: 1 hour

Sessions: 2-3

Price varies depending on the training and location: from $ 75.00

Contact me for more info on my contact page.









The dog is kept in a home environment and becomes part of the family including my dogs. Your dog will learn the basics of indoor living etiquette, have access in and outside the home, exercised daily in many different environments such as the beach, estuary, parks etc as well as lots of social training with other dogs.

It important for you to continue the training that helps keep your dog's behaviour where we all want it to be.

The board and training program requires a 10 days minimum stay for the training to be effective. 

Prices start at $100 per day including meals, treats., bedding and baths.

Contact for more info on the contact page.

Two most common venomous snakes found in Perth and surrounding regions.
Tiger snake                                Dugite


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