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Having a professional trainer come into your home is a great opportunity to address several issues in one session. I arrive at your home, we talk it through, come up with solutions to give you and your dog a better quality home life. With my professional guidance and your commitment, these issues can be solved or managed in no time. 

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To book a phone consultation, go to my contact page. Send a message that you would like a phone consultation, provide your details, a brief summary of your dog’s history, details of their current problems/home setup/routine and a suitable time/day for you. Kel will respond asap. 

It's important to know that these appointments need to be paid for upfront before commencing.

Please note: It is not possible to provide an accurate assessment of your dog’s behaviour without a private one on one assessment & training session in your home or at a convenient location. 

Your dog will never learn unless they are trained.

Give them the opportunity to learn and commit to their training


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If you have tried other trainers, researched everything on the internet, tried your friend's suggestions, gone to pet stores to get advice from a salesperson to "buy and try this" and "if it doesn't work come back" and "buy and try this" something else, you need to contact Kel.

Whatever you have done, you can easily spend lots of $$$ and waste lots of time. Call a professional trainer to get you on the right track in the first place. 

There are many types of techniques, methods, training aids/tools/equipment to help teach your dog to walk on a loose lead. Whatever tools or equipment needed, I have it on board to get you started. I will explain and show you how to walk your dog correctly and effectively in the session.

Importantly to know, whatever the training tool needed, it is only a small part of the training. It the handler that needs to practise how to use the tool along with the lead handling technique required. It is about having structure, routine, repetition, consistency and commitment to be successful.

By committing yourself, you and your dog will begin to enjoy a pleasant and satisfying walk in no time.


If you have a lead reactive dog, this may require other training.

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It is so important to socialise your dog with other dogs, people, environments and situations regularly. If your dog is anti-social on whatever level, avoiding other dogs, situations, environments or if you are walking your dog at irregular times, it is really not addressing the problem. You are only prolonging the editable.

By getting your dog socially trained for a positive future for you, your dog as well as the safety of others.

Make the decision today to be a responsible dog owner by getting a professional dog trainer to help you improve your dog's social skills and your lifestyle. 

This training involves bringing along a suitable dog/s for a one on one social training session. 


This training is required if clients are interested in joining the Social Training Pack Walk member.


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*T&C's apply as below:

  • As safety is the number 1 priority, Kel has a duty of care to the STPW members including their dog and the general public. Before becoming a member all dog owners and their dog are required to undergo a behavioural assessment and a minimum 2-hour training session ($300) before joining. This is to ensure the dog and owner have the necessary training skills before entering the STPW.

  • If more training is required, the training must be continued until Kel is satisfied with the safety level of training.

                                                    contact Kel to book an assessment & session

More about Social Training Pack Walks - (STPW)

There will always be challenges in society, you will always be training to get better, to be ready, to make positive decisions, to be prepared for the unknown. - THE WALKING DOG TRAINER

Within each pack walk, dogs are matched up with suitable temperaments, drive and energy level. Packs are catered for small to large dogs or are a mix of both. There are 3 levels of training within the STPW. There will be dogs that are in the initial entry into the social training pack walk, dogs who have progressed from the initial training and there will be dogs/owners gaining more experience in different environments and situations.  All clients and their dog progress at all different levels and at their own pace to make it an enjoyable, fun experience.


Kel will talk and demonstrate what to look for when introducing dogs to others. When he knows the client is ready to practise these skills, he will help/guide them into the training. Kel also offers free training tips on lead handling techniques, leadership skills, obedience, walking tips and much more during the walk. 

On some of the walks and in off-lead areas, suitable dogs may be let off lead for safe controlled social play. Here Kel will talk about off-lead social skills, dog behaviour, body language, keeping your dog in control, how to manage and avoid potentially bad situations and outcomes.


Duration: approx 1 - 1.5 hours

Location: Mandurah and surrounding areas.

Price starts at $150 and goes down to $50.

The price is reduced by the discretion of the trainer.

The trainer is there to help members to gain experience and strengthen their social skills safely.

The better you get, the less time with the trainer, the fee is reduced.

Kel's goal is to get clients to the minimal fee successfully.


Initial Entry with 1 on 1 training - Bronze members $150

1 on pack training - Silver member: $75

1 on pack on pack training - Gold member: $50

If you're interested in joining, contact Kel to book an Assessment & Training session

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There are many methods to recall training and the goal is for your dog to come when called under high distraction/attraction like other dogs, cats, traffic, kids, other people, scents etc.

Whatever it is, you want a 100% recall. 

It will require a minimum of 3 -  4 sessions in low distraction environments where you practise before moving onto a high distractions/attractions and stimulating environments. 

For 100% recall contact us to book in a recall session.

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Dogs react from their emotions out of fear, frustration or excitement or a combination of factors. Whatever it is, the dog is upset, over their mental threshold, distressed or in an over-aroused state.

It's a fight-or give -up or-flight mode, they are not in the right state of mind to listen to their owner and do not know how to behave in that situation. This behaviour can be triggered by many things such as animals, people, dogs, motion, noises, objects or a combination of factors.

A common reinforcement of this behaviour is how the handler is behaving to the dog's behaviour. By teaching the owner how to behave is an important part of the training. 


Reactive dogs can escalate into being aggressive, but may not inherently be aggressive. Some pre-empted signs of this behaviour is a dog becoming very still, staring, heckles are up then this can escalate.

If you are wanting a better quality of life for your dog, make the commitment to help your dog succeed by contacting Kel.

Go to the See the Results page to see some of Kel's proven results.

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It is instinctive for dogs to be curious towards something stimulating either food-related or chasing after something eg cars, bikes, kangaroos, livestock. Dogs learn if it's stimulating or not stimulating. A dog will only learn by interacting and then learn if they had a positive or negative experience. This training is about teaching and training your dog to make a life-saving decision and not life-ending decision.

This training is the most effective real-life training available for your dog! 

We train your dog where they are most often alone - your property. We use real snakes - non-venomous. 

We also do group sessions. 





Your dog will be allowed to naturally express their curiosity and inquisitiveness safely around real snakes in different areas on your property or location. This instinctively builds a dogs awareness of a snakes scent, sight, size and movement around your property. 



Your dog will be taught to make a confident independent life-saving decision to avoid snakes by creating distance and/or go to their safe place. Your dog can also alert the owner that a snake is in the area.




• You will learn more about your dog's behaviour and their conscious ability to make the best decision of their life. 

• This will give you confidence and assurance your dog will be waiting for you when you get home. 

• You will gain valuable information about snake behaviour, habitats, why they are coming to your property and what you can do to help not attract snakes to your property. 

• What to do if your dog is potentially or is bitten by a snake - First Aid for dogs. 

• What to do if you come across a snake. (We are also part of the team at the Mandurah Snake Removal. You never know when you'll need us.) We cover from Rockingham to Pinjarra to North Dandelup and surrounding areas. A travel fee may apply.

• What your dog's behaviour can tell you. Your dog's behaviour can / will alert you if there is a snake in the area by their behaviour. You can then make sure every being is safely away from the area. You can then investigate and/or call a snake removalist. 

Tip: Keep an eye on the snake at all times. The worst outcome for residents is not knowing where the snake went. STAY - WATCH - CALL 


A free assessment of your property is included to help minimise the chance of attracting and encountering snakes.


              Don't wait until it's too late! 

                         BOOK NOW!


Price depends on how many dogs and location.

Licensed by Department of Parks and Wildlife


Bobtails & Venomous snakes.  

If your dog reacts playfully towards a blue tongue lizard, then it's likely they are going love to play with a snake. With a bobtail, your dog most likely wins all the time, the consequence is being nipped by the bob-tail. Some dogs learn to avoid that consequence, some dogs will get overly excited by it, most dogs end the life of the lizard. Training to avoid - leave bobtails can be booked as well. 

See here  If your dog or pet gets bitten by a snake.


Snake anti-venom is expensive from vet clinics to buy and a single treatment cost start from $1000. Every time a vial is used, it's another $$$$  plus the vet expenses on top of that. If your dog does not make it through, you still have to pay the expenses. This training far outways the cost and trauma involved in a snake bite tragedy.                                       

contact for more info

Livestock / Wildlife

Sheep, horses, cattle, goats, kangaroos, rabbits, bandicoots, birds etc. This training can prevent any incidents happening by teaching boundaries and distance, saving lives of livestock, wildlife and dogs.

Dogs can often escape from yards and roam their neighbourhood or rural areas with livestock to suburbia backyards with domesticated pets, there are plenty of attractions that can stimulate a dogs instinct and prey drive.

Fact: Did you know that livestock owners can and are permitted to destroy or capture any dogs they observe attacking livestock on their land. 

A dog will not know what is out of bounds unless they are taught and trained.

Just like an experienced working dog teaches a young working dog how to behave around livestock.


Blow-fish / Dead animals / Food etc

There are far too many dogs lost to poisoned bait which could have been prevented with avoidance training.  Most baits like 1080 do not emit any odour, except the meat that it is put in. So how is a dog to know what is poisoned and what is not? We train dogs to avoid and leave any food found on the ground. Important we teach the dog owner to continue to do the training in all environments and situations.

Eating a poison bait can be a slow painful death in which the animal goes through a number of agonising phrases before dying. Dog's can eat poisons directly, by dead animals, by birds dropping baited food

in areas where dogs are, eg parks, backyards, bushland, etc.

This can also be applied to blowfish/puffer-fish, sea-hares, dead fish, etc commonly found washed up on beaches. Around the home, there are poisons like plants, fertilizers, mouse/rat poison, cockroach bait and many other forms of poisonous hazards.

The best option is training your dog to be aware, avoid and leave any potential life-ending attractions.

 Otherwise how else will they know?

If you suspect your dog has eaten any poison, get them straight to the closest vet, call them to tell them you're coming with an estimated time and any info you have. 

Awareness and Avoidance Training session

Duration: 1 - 2 hours (approximately)

Sessions required: 2-3

Price varies depending on the training, number of dog's and location: From $200.00

Contact me for more info on my contact page.






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This training is about teaching dog owners how to use the e-collar correctly and safely for your loved dog. Without proper training by an experienced professional trainer, a dog will be mentally damaged, develop fear, helplessness, escapism - run away, become aggressive that can be irreversible.

This is not a tool that will fix all behavioural issues. It is a tool that will not need to be used in the mid to long term. 

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Contact for more info on the contact page.

Two most common venomous snakes found in Perth and surrounding regions.
Tiger snake                                Dugite
Inf Ecollar
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