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There are many types of techniques, methods, training aids/tools/equipment to help teach your dog to walk on a loose lead. Whatever tools or equipment that are used, it needs to one that is suitable for your dog, you and your lifestyle. Whatever is needed, I have it on board to get you started. I will explain and show you leash handling techniques, how to use any training aids if required plus using the correct guidance and leadership skills.

Whatever training needed, the training aid is only a small part of the training. It is about teaching you these new skills so you practise to get better at them and becomes second nature to you. The training will become part of your daily structure, routine. The more you practice, the better you'll get, the easier it becomes.

By committing yourself, you and your dog will begin to enjoy a pleasant and satisfying walk in no time.

If you have a leash reactive dog, this will require other training.


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